First Time

Settling In

Prior to your start date, we recommend that you visit PlayDays with your child/ren to give you the opportunity to meet the staff, see the environment and ask any questions. We also offer free settling in sessions before your child starts attending to help them get used to the setting environment.



A wide variety of activities will be offered to your child/ren throughout the day. They will include craft, puzzles, educational games, role play, books, active play, quiet play, messy play ect. The children will have the opportunity to use our safe outdoor play areas and will also be taken out to make use of our beautiful surroundings. Older children will be encouraged to participate in The Foundation Phase Early Years learning skills, including language, maths and number, physical skills, creative development, personal, social and emotional development and a wider knowledge and understanding of the world.

We also have a dedicated rest/sleep room for babies and toddlers.


Supplies and Dress

Children are to be comfortably dressed at all times, please mark all clothing with your childrens name. A few spare sets of clothes are to be left for emergency use.

Please provide children with their own supply of nappies, creams and wipes.